Sunday, June 15, 2014

Enterprise Mobility Roadmap

In enterprise mobility today, a roadmap that properly lays out your fundamental approach to app implementation is not only essential but absolutely imperative. Approaching enterprise mobile efforts without guiding principles can lead to poorly received and functionally subpar apps that fall well short of accomplishing your intended objectives.

In this article featured on the Appcelerator site, five principles for successful enterprise mobile app implementation have been outlined. These five principles address key aspects of any new or ongoing enterprise mobility projects:

  1. Rapid and frequent release cycles: the velocity of business needs should be driving your release cycles not your technical capacity or competency.
  2. MVP approach: release Minimum Viable Products to keep the focus "on creating single-purpose, first-class experiences” as Mark Zuckerberg has aptly put it.
  3. Utilize analytics: to get timely feedback on end-user acquisition, engagement and usage.
  4. Optimize mobile APIs: to keep latency at bay.
  5. Use cross-platform tools: to gain efficiency for deployment across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc).
Here is the link to the full article:

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