Monday, August 4, 2014

IBM's Internal BYOD Implementation is Exemplary

In mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) presents a pressing challenge for enterprises today. Employees want to use corporate and personal apps within the same mobile device regardless of whether the device belongs to them or is issued by their employers.

Having the corporate and personal apps cohabitate within the same smartphone or tablet presents significant security issues as personal apps downloaded from the app store may be malicious and sensitive work-related information may be breached as a result. A prime example of this are the emails with file attachments that contain confidential company information.

Once you synchronize your mobile device with the company's email server, another app that you may have unwittingly downloaded from the app store may attempt to hijack your sensitive data and upload it to another nondescript server. As you can imagine, enterprises do not look lightly on this threat which may result in violation of their intellectual property.

The key to a successful BYOD program within an enterprise is to strike the right balance between having the freedom to use mobile devices for personal needs as well as satisfying the security requirements of being able to perform work-related activities on them. IBM's MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM) solution achieves this balancing act with remarkably successful results.

Having adopted the MaaS360 MDM solution internally, IBM has enabled their employees to enjoy the power and flexibility of using mobile devices to conduct business without compromising the personal experience we all have come to cherish and love about our smartphones and tablets. The following is a link to a blog entry provides a real-life example of how an IBM employee has been utilizing a myriad of IBM mobile enterprise apps within a fully secure and personally flexible mobile experience:

How mobile apps make life easier for an employee

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