Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Key Restaurant Industry Mobility Adoption Trends

Today, many industries are gravitating toward mobility adoption in a comprehensive fashion. But for some industries, like foodservice, mobility adoption is going to bring about an undeniably fundamental transformation.

Here are some key emerging trends as mobility penetrates foodservice in a big way:

1. Mobile Payments: Just imagine being able to order and pay for your food via a mobile device and pick it upon your arrival. Gives 'fast food' a whole new meaning. It is now 'ready food'.

Wholesale adoption of mobile ordering and payments by the foodservice industry will undoubtably result in increased revenue stream as consumers will come to expect a significant reduction in prepared food order and pickup time.

2. Digital Restaurants: My now school-aged kids will probably be telling my yet-to-be-born grandkids of a time when waiters and waitresses walked up to the table to take their food orders at a restaurant. This conversation about a quaint practice will take place while everyone is placing their order through their mobile devices at the table.

Digital food ordering at restaurants opens up a universe of possibilities for the establishment as the menu can dynamically change to conform to the available food inventory on the premises. This process will introduce greater food production efficiencies and further drive down prepared food costs to the point that we may even reach a point of near elimination of cost differential between home and restaurant prepared food!

3. Mobile Analytics: A fully digitized foodservice enterprise can take advantage of collecting a massive stream of data generated by mobile customers. The possibilities are literally endless here as customers register their profiles to get discounts on their orders and hence provide the food establishment with key demographic information regrading customers' menu item preferences.

Here is some additional perspective on the topic from the Appcelerator Blog:

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